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photo of Lois Clapa

Lois Clapa

photo of Lois Clapa

I come from a very musical family, I have 8 brothers and sisters and everyone of us plays some kind of instrument. I play the viola, which I have been studying for 4 years. I have had the privilege to study With Leo Whitlow for one year so far and I feel like I have greatly improved.This year I have been accepted into the top PYP orchestra and was also a winner of the John L. Judge Merit Scholarship. In addition to performing solo, I really enjoy playing chamber music. One of my favorite things to do is.... Practice! Besides practicing, I love to play sports with my friends outdoors and roller-blade. I also love to drink coffee alot and eat at taco bell. I also play classical piano in which I study with Barbara Gustafson-Rice and will soon be starting the mandolin. I like to sing and have also been studying accompaniment/hymns with a very good pianist from my church. All in all I am very glad that I have a passion for music and hope to be a Music Major in Viola.


Last Updated: Friday July 29, 2005