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photo of Dena Conzatti

Dena Conzatti

BM at Thomas Edison State College. Violin.
photo of Dena Conzatti

Hi! I'm Dena Conzatti, a freelance musician and Suzuki violin teacher. Right now, I'm in my Senior year with Thomas Edison State College. Not being in a "traditional" college, I began my "year" last November and will finish this November with an accredited music degree. Right now I am taking occasional lessons from Cindy Petty and playing with the Oregon Pro Arte Youth Chamber Orchestra. My favorite position as a musician, however, is my spot as the fiddler in the "GreenerBlue" bluegrass band. The band includes two of my siblings and friend Titus Copper. I also enjoy teaching kids how to play the violin, and my studio is full at 23 energetic and talented students. Oh, and did I mention that I and my 6 siblings were all homeschooled K-12? Yes, and I loved it so much, that after I graduated, I agreed to work for our homeschool organization as a Family Consultant, serving homeschool families in 5 states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. These activities take up most of my time, but when I'm not practicing, teaching, or talking with homeschool families on the phone, you can probably find me at one of my favorite "downtime" activities: training for the next 5k or 10k, watching a movie and eating air-popped popcorn with my sisters, shopping, or reading my favorite Book, the Bible.


Last Updated: Saturday, August 5, 2006